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HospitalistsFamily Medicine / GP ON
Medical OncologistsInternal MedicineMedical Oncology 
Family PhysicianFamily Medicine / GP ON
HematologistInternal MedicineHematologyON
Radiologist/Nuclear MedicineDiagnostic RadiologyNuclear RadiologyON
General RadiologistDiagnostic Radiology ON
AllergistInternal MedicineAllergy and ImmunologyON
Family Physician/GPFamily Medicine / GP NS
Psychiatry - Forensic/GeneralPsychiatry PE
Psychiatry - Child/AdolescentPsychiatryChild and Adolescent PsychiatryPE
Psychiatry - General GeriatricPsychiatryGeriatricsPE
Psychiatrist for Pediatric Pain ProgramPsychiatryChild and Adolescent PsychiatryON
Inpatient Child PsychiatristPsychiatryChild and Adolescent PsychiatryON
GeriatricianGeriatrics NB
Internal Medicine Specialist with Interest in CardiologyInternal Medicine ON
CardiologistInternal MedicineCardiologyON
Addictions Medicine - Medical DirectorFamily Medicine / GP BC
PsychiatristAddiction Psychiatry NS
Pain Management PhysicianOther AB
Pain Management PhysicianOtherPain MedicineAB
Family PhysicianFamily Medicine / GP AB
Internal MedicineInternal Medicine AB
PsychiatristPsychiatry ON
Internal MedicineInternal Medicine ON
PsychiatristPsychiatry AB
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